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In the Media

Samaria is a highly respected healthcare professional and subject matter expert who has made significant contributions to her community. Her expertise has been recognized by major brands such as Nike, HUM Nutrition, and Delta Sigma Theta, as well as numerous podcasts, local television, and radio shows. Samaria has also provided valuable advice on various health-related topics to publications such as Katie Couric Media.


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Bluff City Life 

Diversity in weight inclusive nutrition care with Gina Neely & Dr. Whitney Trotter


Planting a Legacy

Samaria shares the story of her family's land and how she is using it to celebrate health & heritage. 


Juneteenth Wellness Market

Samaria discusses how the heritage passed down in her family is being used to help those in need. 


Achieving Healthy Hair with Nutrition

Samaria discusses how to support healthy hair growth & scalp health using nutrition with Brittani Moncrease


AgriNutrition Food Program

In the height of a global pandemic, Samaria shares with Symone Woolridge how she is using her resources and expertise to help those experiencing food insecurity. 


Prescribing Produce as Medicine

The University of Tennessee shares an inspiring article about their alum, Samaria Grandberry.  

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