Family Dinner

Reclaim. Restore. Rebalance.

Our signature 4 month program helps you to dig deep and restore the many pieces of your health. Pulling from ancestral & cultural practices, we inspire you to get back to the root of health & wellness. So that you can reclaim your culture, restore your health and rebalance your life.

Ideal for anyone with medical or nutritional challenges that wants to heal holistically. 


"If you have health - you have hope, you have everything"

African Proverb


Go on a journey of healing with us.


What's Included:

  • 1 Initial Deep Dive

  • 7 Follow Up Appointments

  • Nutrition & Wellness Education Materials 

  • Meal plans & Shopping List 

  • Specialty Crafted Healing Gift Box 

  • Healthy Kitchen & Cooking Class

  • Gardening for Health Class

  • Personalized Lab Testing (Gut, Hormones, Nutrients as needed)

  • 1 hour guided grocery store tour 

  • 4 week exercise plan from Certified Personal Trainer

  • Access to discounted supplement dispensary 

  • Access to online client portal for unlimited client communication 

  • Access to personal food and lifestyle journal with weekly reviews from your dietitian 

  • PLUS BONUS access to our seminars & educational materials