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Joy of Harvest

Farm to Fork

We believe that when you can feed yourself, you free yourself. In our Farm to Fork programs we provide nutrition and garden training in one-on-one and group settings. We host hands on classes, food demonstrations and offer monthly produce boxes packed with locally grown veggies and recipes as the seasons allow.

May the Garden Feed the Soul.

Gardening for Health

There are many ways starting a garden can benefit your overall health. From stress relief and exercise to the appreciation of growing fresh, organic foods! Gardening is deeply rooted in traditional cultures & practiced as normal part of daily life. Researchers believe its is a major influence on many peoples wellness all around the world. 

At Feeding the Root we reintroduce you to the healing power of growing your own food. We offer one-on-one training sessions, as well as group trainings. Our engaging, hands on, culturally focused classes empower you to start your own edible garden. Explore our offerings below & give us a call!

"We don’t need to be taught anything about the power of our traditional gardening culture–we just need to remember where we came from in order to facilitate the journey to where we need to be.."

Michael Twitty

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Gardening for Health

Gardening Classes

At Feeding the Root, we believe that learning to feed yourself is a part of the journey to wellness. Learn from our farmer on how to garden for your health. We will come to your location with starter plants, soil, organic fertilizer & tons of knowledge to get you started. Additional supplies such as, pots, raised beds & trellises can be added for an additional fee. Please contact us about group pricing.

Cooking Classes

Let's harvest, cook & learn together! During our one of a kind cooking classes you will experience the true journey of food from farm to fork. We host cooking classes in the garden using locally grown, seasonal foods. All supplies included. Four person minimum per group.

Garden Consulting

Are you working on a garden project? Want to start a community garden or host a farmers market? Let us help you! Our team has years of experience in farming, food production, hosting events & creating beautiful gardens. Book a single pick our brain session or learn how we can support your project every step of the way.

Meet the Team

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Professionally trained as a dietitian and a culturally trained farmer, Samaria elevates our Farm to Table programming. Not only does she teach gardening classes, but she is also able to teach about growing specific foods for health. On top of that she also teaches how to use the food in your daily life to improve overall health.




With over 20 years of experience as a farmer and landscaper, Sam is well equipped with the tools & knowledge to help you create your own garden. Whether its a small edible garden or a large community garden he's got what it takes to get you there. Sam has built a trustworthy business over the past 20 years, helping over 5,000 clients across the Mid South.

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