Feeding the Root GIVES 

Through the generous gifts of our community, we were able to donate 69 boxes full of hair care products, tools and education to Bethany Christian Services. Our hope is that this donation will provide transracial adoptive families with the resources they need to support healthy hair maintenance for their children. 

From the overwhelming response, we’ve launched Feeding the Root GIVES. We are now accepting monetary donations and products on an ongoing basis to continually support this community. Your gift also allows us to provide video and hands-on training to adoptive parents, as well as resources to help them care for their curly headed kiddos!


"To whom much is given, much is required.."


For Parents & Families

Feeding the Root, offers Curly Consultations. We provide virtual and in home hair care consultations for foster and adoptive families in the Mid South. Complete with a full assessment, follow ups, products & personally curated handouts - Feeding the Root is committed to helping you learn how to best care for your little ones crown.

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your goals and expectations, best hair care practices and basic styling. I will assess your child's hair type and health. Thereafter, I will give my recommendations, referrals and/or resources based on my assessment to best fit your family's lifestyle.

Optional Add - Ons Include: trichological scalp/hair treatments, detangling, simple styling.

Sessions are made possible through the generous donations from the community. Thank you! 


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FREE Additional Resources

Our team has composed introductory training videos for foster and adoptive families.
Check them out here!

Back 2 the basics

In this video, you'll learn the basics of afro kinky, curly hair. We'll discuss the anatomy of the hair strand and what it needs, like hydration, moisture and detangling.


Tips & Tricks

Once you've learned the basics, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you better care for your child's kinky hair. You can look forward to learning about styling methods, various products and maintenance.


Feeding the Root was a recent recipient of Surrendered Healing's Shine Together Mini-grant. With these funds, we were able to purchase 60 satin bonnets and durags. Through the continual gifts, we are able to keep our "Product Pantry" stocked for families and children we support. Thank you Surrendered Healing

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