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Live Aesthetically Nourished.

We offer multiple hair nutrition packages to fit a variety of conditions and desires. Browse our offerings below, then connect with us to determine which plan is best for you!

"Hair is so much more than just protein and melanin. Each strand is a tiny chronicle of every emotional, hormonal and nutritional experience."

Our Offerings

Personalized hair & nutrition therapies to help you reach your goals!

Root Revival

A better foundation

This package consists of 3 sessions, within 2 months. It includes a scalp examination & nutrition consultation along with a scalp treatment, plus a take home kit to get your started towards better scalp health. 

This package is for highly motivated individuals experiencing scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis or stubborn seborrheic dermatitis. 

Health insurance coverage not applicable. Virtual options available.

Starting at $450 

Head Massage
Hair Salon

Hair Nutrition Therapy

The guidance you need

This package consists of 3 sessions, within 3 months. It includes a hair examination & nutrition consultation along with a stimulating hair treatment plus a take home kit to get your started towards better hair growth. 

This package is great for highly motivated individuals experiencing mild hair loss, in the absence of chronic disease.  

Health insurance coverage not applicable. Virtual options available.

Starting at $450 

Aesthetically Nourished

Our most exclusive offer

Beauty truly comes from the inside. In this 6 month intensive program we focus on building a solid beauty foundation through balanced nutrition, optimal gut & hormone health, sleep regimen and topical treatments. This is a very high touch program ideal for individuals suffering from chronic hair loss, hypothyroidism, PCOS and other complex chronic conditions.

Many insurances may cover a portion of this package. Due to the nature of this program, we only accept a select group of patients per year. 

Out of pocket cost starting at $1,200

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Don't wait. Reclaim your beauty from the inside out.

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